Pics From Joan Crisol that Proves Only The Best with Ele SanMi


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ADVOCATE said about Joan Crisol “He knows that it takes more than a beautiful body and face to create a memorable photography.”

Spanish fashion photographer Joan Crisol has been working for internationally renowned magazines like Rolling Stone, Zero and among others.

But it’s time to share some love from daddy Crisol featuring 21 SEXY Pics From Joan Crisol that proves Only the Best with Ele SanMi.


Crisol has been collaborator with us since 2012, we’ve been posting the best pictures from his work since then, and the best part is he’s one of a kind.

He never skip anything, he’s very detail-oriented and work-ethic so professional.


Joan Crisol History

He was born in Badalona in 1974, although he currently lives and works in Madrid.

After studying Photography at the Institut D’Estudis Fotogràfics De Cataluyna he began to devote himself professionally to photography in 1999.

His work has been published…

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