Whoever designed Wi-Fi mesh for the Oodi

Whoever had designed the Wi-Fi network for the Finnish national library Oodi were certainly top specialists in their field. I’m here writing this story on a Saturday afternoon, crowded 3rd floor and Wi-Fi throughput gets to 50mbps download and 75mbps upload.

The books are actually covering just a small area on the third floor, so don’t expect to catch the book dust allergy here.

They have everything covered from sewing machines to large banner and 3D printing, team work and conference spaces.

Stairs to Study area, usually overcrowded and sometimes won’t connect to the Wi-Fi at all. Top floor is brighter and way better space to work.

What this architectural landmark is lacking is the ambience of real library, and this is what I really miss when I come to the library to work.

Imagine, kids are running around, stumping and shouting. I appreciate library where you can hear your fellow neighbor’s breathing, so quiet and creativity nurturing space. This modern mixing pot is a mess in the sense of working or studying space.

Morning is the time to take all your daily sugars and carbohydrates. Take your time at the Fazer Cafe Oodi 3rd floor.