Fire In The House

You might have heard of the saying if love has a price tag it is not true love. I cannot agree more, however if the circumstances where this love happens have price tag and love is… well love. Exciting and mind blowing as a freefall, would you dare to take a leap and hope you land safely or would stall at the edge considering cons and pros. You may never discover some pros of a relationship if you dare.

fire in the house

Easy for you to say, you think. Well, it has never been harder, trust me, because I’m still freefalling and my guts are in my throat. I don’t know if I’m going to land on my feet, or smack against the rocks like a wet sandbag slams to the ground. Even if I land on my feet like a cat, who’s the expert of saying how long fall can one cat safely take.

And my loved one? He chose to think he’s a grown ass man, but he acts like a teenager in puberty over and over again. He makes brave face as if there’s a plan B for everything. It better be good one, because it looks like gambling is not of my strongest sides.

Why have I submitted to this? Well, his smile. Its like a sunshine entered a room every time he smiles. And his frowns. And his lips and every aspect of him that has become a part of my life. In all its good and all its worst. I’d came to realization that this state of mutual insanity is to stay.

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