On the verge

We’re on the verge of breaking up, my love and me. Shame it was that short and it definitely wish it was more fun to remember. My partner acted like there’s a whole boring life to live to spare all fun for the future but now that it seems to be coming to an end, I honestly say, his approach to life doesn’t stand the rain.

If we had lived like every breathe is the last one, we both could have some great memories of us together.

And now my most vivid memory is exploding intestines after eating Nigerian Ogbolo soup with the rice. You can laught at me or cry with me alltogether, but if you ask me about the most vivid experience – you have got your answer.

draw soup and rice don’t mix

I wrote this in the morning today and in the afternoon new developments had happened. Even though my relationship status has been downgraded from partner to roommate with positive outlook I have good feeling we might get this boat stable and not rocking it again.

I would rather live in the stable and boring relationship that have constant arguments and making-ups. Thank Nigerian food, it creates near orgasmin happy feeling when it touches my tonque. I can’t fight the guy who cooks like that. What this African spice does to my senses is beyond words. It makes me happy, makes me wanna laugh. I can’t fight the guy who cooks like that.

not at his best moods, but I like him slightly unrestful at times…

— Why you laughing?

he always goes… It’s the food. I love it, if only my guts would learn loving it too before my bottom explodes. He always discusses serious issues when I eat, while I don’t mix stomach pleasures and serious life or relationship conversations. Continue reading and support our efforts, chip some PayPal coins here:

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  1. The moment I saw your face was like the sun were your eyes and the stars with the moon were your skin. I love you endlessly, hopelessly with no guarantee I could survive that love, but if you think you could I would give my best.


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