You’ll never forget your first

Wrong! You will forget, eventually, and this is when you discover yourself in a situation that’s happening to you for the first time ever (again). Your memory may change the way you remember the past over time and at the end even those pieces will mix and you won’t tell what was real, what your imagination. Nevertheless you will remember that moment, first time ever you saw his face and time have had stopped.

First time, ever I saw your face…

Embrace him, love him, fight him, hate him.


Just remember, if the going gets tough, cut off your networking communication, get rid of your WhatsApp, skype, Instagram, whatever. Spend some time away from the clutter and listen to your heart. Get clearer sense of what matters. You might realise that you’re missing a half of your soul, this is how you know – you love him.

And if it doesn’t feel like that – well, at least you tried and you better off without them. Please comment on this, give your feedback and by all means, do support my blog going.