Walking on a broken glass

Her changing moods would have killed the most skillful nurse. Im not nearly that good so I wonder every morning before I go to work, how did I get so far (alive)?! That’s still a question I don’t know the answer for but since Ms. L got her cancer diagnosis confirmed things only got worse with every day.

There are two types of cancer patients. Ones who facing their death sentence are trying to make peace with the world and themselves. They’re humble and brave to the level beyond admiration.
Then there are other ones who have decided to take as many lives to the grave with them as they can. Ms. L belongs to the last group. What’s worst, I’d never heard a kind word about anyone she has been with, only envy and gossiping. Oh that little sick old woman has venom in her. She exhales venom, discontent and nothing good, not even about her mom. If I would have to judge this entire nation by her, I’d buy one way ferry ticket, hold my head, run, and never return, but I do realise its just one bitter and lonely person who’s universe is covered with broken pieces of her heart, relationships that broke apart, hopes that never came true and bitterness.

She seemed charming at first and I gladly accepted the job of her personal assistant. Yet something made me stay on alert and I’m glad that lessons from my previous relationships came handy. As she learned more about me her fierce and random attacks became more frequent and now not a day passes without me walking on her broken pieces of glass. I don’t like it. I haven’t signed up for it. I’m gonna quit.

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