World Naked Gardening Day!

Originally posted on ReNude Pride: Outdoor gardening! World Naked Gardening Day is Saturday, May 7, 2022! World Naked Gardening Day is internationally observed on the first Saturday in May, annually. Many countries, regions, provinces, etc., have a local date/day specific … Continue reading World Naked Gardening Day!


A gay boy who is not out to the society … so tell his feelings pain, all emotions to a living tree … he considered that tree as bf… Models: Santanu Sen Gupta & Bîswãjît KārPhotographer: NK aestheeticS PhotographyMakeUp: Bishnu Professional MakeUpSSG PRODUCTION STUDIO HOWRAH SALKIA Santanu Sen Gupta & Bîswãjît Kār Santanu Sen Gupta YOURS, MINE, OURS Continue reading YOURS, MINE, OURS