My Danny — GMartin Life

I woke up anxious. My head was spinning and disoriented. I got up and went to urinate. I pissed, I think, truly I could not feel anything because I did not have the strength to do it standing up, so I just sat at the toilet. Next to me, as if judging me, was a […] MY DANNY — GMartin Life Continue reading My Danny — GMartin Life

Fire In The House

You might have heard of the saying if love has a price tag it is not true love. I cannot agree more, however if the circumstances where this love happens have price tag and love is… well love. Exciting and mind blowing as a freefall, would you dare to take a leap and hope you land safely or would stall at the edge considering cons and pros. You may never discover some pros of a relationship if you dare. Easy for you to say, you think. Well, it has never been harder, trust me, because I’m still freefalling and my … Continue reading Fire In The House